Aboutthe Chef

Jamie started with a background in the marketing and advertising world. For over 10 years she helped many local businesses in Silicon Valley succeed in their dreams. She also saw many fail. After several major car accidents during this time. She was declared disabled by her doctors, she then decided to go on a pursuit of happiness. From San Jose CA, she had a troubled youth and didn’t graduate high school. In fact she went to 4 different high schools! Her highest level was 11th grade. She knew one day her daughter would soon be in high school and wanted to be able to encourage her to be the best she could be. So she decided to go back to school and get her diploma…

After this she knew she couldn’t go back into a career that didn’t make her feel at her best. She knew that life was too short here on earth to do just mediocre work to get by. She wanted complete happiness.

“WHY NOT YOU?” She asked herself, and she says to you…WHY NOT YOU!?

Her father was a chef, and her grandma and Nona were amazing bakers. These were the role models in her life. She always had a passion from a young age to cook and bake. So she decided in her pursuit of happiness to follow her dreams, went to culinary school and graduated in January 2012, delivering the speech at the ceremony in honor of her grandmother, who had passed in October from cancer. The woman who raised her and was her BIGGEST fan in life now gone due to cancer. She knew that whatever she did going forward it would be in part for a healthier life. After all Food in part is what makes our bodies sick and/or heals us.

While in school she worked with the catering department and got a taste of what it was like to serve in the industry. She also worked at a sushi restaurant and set her goal to be a sushi chef. Which she did! Working her way up the latter she made it behind the Sushi bar, as a Woman! She then moved on to help open a few restaurants and then decided it was her turn.


AChef's Lifestyle

Jamie leads a healthy lifestyle through nutritious cuisine and keeps active. She believes in preparing fresh, nutritious meals to assist her family in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Using mainly Organic ingredients and non-processed foods. She believes her clients should eat the same type of food she would feed her family. Her clients range from single individuals and families to professional athletes, local celebrities, real estate agencies, financial advisors, startups, high-tech businesses, churches, high rise communities and many more!

Jamie is the executive chef for Holy Cannoli! LLC
Jamie is also the secretary of her car club, Cadillac Classics and owns a 1967 Cadillac Convertable which she drives every weekend to church or car shows. She is also a volunteer at Jubilee Church in Silicon Valley, Martha’s Kitchen, & helps Feed the homeless.